Scrapped Projects & Shorties

Last time I posted I had plans for a romance novel. A couple months later and this is no longer true. I tried. I really tried. But when I took a small break from it to write a short story, I found myself more excited about that than I did at any point while writing or plotting the contemporary romance novel.

So. That's now essentially shelved. Maybe I'll go back to it. But probably not. I still want to write romance, but it's probably going to be either other world fantasy, a space opera, or something with monsters in it.

Speaking of short stories, I have been working on another one. I love writing these. Short stories are fun, and I feel like I'm getting better at them. Its also cool to dip into worlds and play around without having to spend over 50k words on it to see if I even like it.

Next up, is Futurescapes. I'll be submitting some 3k words to that to be workshopped this week (they were very kind in giving me the small extension I asked for). I've been to Futurescapes before and it is awesome. I'm curious to see how an online formatted one is like.